Kaitlyn, Kathryn, Emma. We are 3 Directioners that live in Narnia. Submit a quote from the boys and we will make it as fast as we can :) Hope you enjoy our blog!!

lol i remember this blog.. sorry we haven’t been doing anything.. :s

xx ~Kathryn

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more quotes coming today!!

sorry we havent updated in ages..school camp and summer got in the way..

x Emma

Anonymous asked:
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Go away

so sorry guys, i’m not gonna b here all summer. literally.

but emma and kaitlyn are going to!!


xx Kathryn

Anonymous asked:
"dre headphones are f*cking SWEEET.. go to TUMBLRSTAFF(.)COM right NOW. f*cking right NOW!"

no. xx Emma

stop sending these fucking messages. xx Kathryn

Exams are such a bitch

someone throw me off a cliff xx Emma

so sorry we haven’t posted anything new in such a long time…. exams :s

xx -Kathryn

Anonymous asked:
"Ok i probably sound pretty stupid but where is narnia technically? I've been told its the us, asia, and australia. I've only been a directioner for 2 months so i'm still learning."

Basically anywhere that’s not the UK xx